Knitted fabric 

Dzianiny przeznaczone do produkcji odzieży to doskonała alternatywa dla tkaniny. Dzianiny cechuje miękkość, sprężystość i elastyczność.

Knitwear is destined to make clothing, it's a perfect replacement for a textile. Knitwear is characteristic for its softness, resilience and elasticity. 

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35,67 zł

Ribbed knitwear with a leopard print.

43,05 zł

Etno styled knitwear.Warning! The price is for a 1m piece!

35,67 zł

A soft cotton knitwear in a green colour. 

33,21 zł

A soft cotton knitwear with viscose in autumn colours. 

79,95 zł

Knitted fabric with a beautiful rose pattern. 

17,22 zł

A soft sweater in a brown colour.

30,75 zł

Double-sided tracksuit suede fabric in a beige colour. 

39,98 zł

 A soft knitted fabric sold by 130cm pieces.

28,29 zł

An Italian knitted fabric with a lot of elastane.

28,29 zł

Italian fabric that reminds muslin. 

28,29 zł

An Italian knitted fabric in two different colours. 

28,29 zł

A soft Italian knitted fabric with stripes. 

28,29 zł

An Italian sweater knitted fabric in two magnificent colours. 

28,29 zł

A soft knitted fabric with colorful stripes on a black background.

14,76 zł

A comfortable viscose knitwear for dresses and shirts, tops.

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