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52,89 zł

Coat fabric in 5 different colours. 

23,37 zł

 A satin fabric with a flowery design. 

39,98 zł

 A soft knitted fabric sold by 130cm pieces.

28,29 zł

Crimped georgette like chiffon. 

60,27 zł

 Italian knitted fabric for dresses.

72,57 zł

Italian polyester fabric with the addition of silk.

60,27 zł

 Italian dress fabric with green-black checkered pattern.

60,27 zł

Soft italian georgette with leopard pattern.

60,27 zł

Soft dress fabric with a floral pattern

60,27 zł

Soft and pouring fabric for dresses, straight from Italy.

60,27 zł

Italian fabric in polyamide type - in Versace style

60,27 zł

 Italian satin semi-rigid as a rapport 100cm.

60,27 zł

Italian fabric for dresses in two colors optional.

60,27 zł

 Italian taffeta in gray-brown shades.

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