Plain knitted  

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25,83 zł

Polyester knitwear in two intense colours.

34,44 zł

A high quality cotton welt - 110cm wide. Perfect also for sewing clothes.  

51,66 zł

Thick welt in a sleeve - 31 cm wide. 

30,75 zł

Viscose fabric in 5 modern colours.

41,82 zł

Italian knitwear , high quality in many colours. 

50,43 zł

 High quality Italian poly fabric as a flexible velour in 16 colours!

44,28 zł

 Italian knitted wear like lycra. In many intensive colours. Perfect for dancing gear and clothing. 

43,05 zł

BRAND NEW! Italian sweater knitwear in many colours!

34,44 zł

 A soft, flexible Italian knitwear in lots of colours. 

30,75 zł

A beautiful, pouring knitwear, perfect for woman's wear. 

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