Suits Wool Lux - 24 colors! - high torsion


202,95 zł (brutto)

202,95 zł per 1m

made in italy

A high quality Italian, high torsion 120'S and 100's, wool fabric in 24 colors!

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We present to you a high quality Italian wool for suits. 

A noble wool 100'S and 120'S with a subtle shine is silky to the touch. The fabric is breathable and nice on the skin. 

The number stands for the thickness of the fiber which is then processed into a fabric. 120'S has a 17.26-17.75 micrometer diameter and 100'S has 18.26-18.75 micrometer diameter. 

Its elegance and noble look is perfect for suits, and the whole lot of 24 colors lets you go a little crazy with it. It's worth noticing that the fabric is double sided. You can sew the matte or the satin side. It's your call.

Composition: 97% wool 3% lycra

Width: 150cm

Application: suits, dresses, skirts, trousers.


black, navy, blue, dark navy, cobalt, sky blue, deep green, olive green, emerald, ashen, grey beige, grey, purple, plum, powdered pink, fuchsia, watermelon, red, mustard, honey, sand, beige, light brown, white coffee and pink.

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