Tulle Crizia 26-30


9,72 zł (brutto)

9,72 zł per 1 m

made in italy

Italian, very good quality tulle in full range of colors. Wide for 3 m!!

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Widthszerokość: 300 cm

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Super fashionable fabric for the coming season. Crizia tulle can be used on top and combined with knitwear to create great skirts or blouses. It can also be the material underneath the creation, causing it to flare. As many uses as the wizard's imagination is capacious!

Very rich colors available.

- Rosso 6

- Salmone 231;

- Seta 208;

- Turchese 216;

- Viola 228

Different colors on the other pages !!!

Composition: 100% polyamide

Width: 300 cm

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