Kilt Squares - Scottish design - 4 colors!


36,90 zł (brutto)

36,90 zł per 100 cm

made in italy

A high quality material in a scotish design. 

4 colors are available. 

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Kilt - an italian wearing fabric in a squared design. The polyester fabric with viscose is stiff but works well while sewing. It will be perfect for jackets, trousers, coats or dresses. The squears are 4cmx4cm each. 


1) col. 130 Giallo (yellow);

2) col. 140 Rosso New (red);

3) col. 100 Bluette (royal blue);

4) col. 110 Verde (green)

Composition: 65% poly, 35% viscose.

Width: 150 cm

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