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43,05 zł

Italian knitwear sequins on velour in 3 colours. 

184,50 zł

 Italian sequins with a beautiful navy blue shade

129,15 zł

Italian sequins in a purple shade on a black mesh. 

153,75 zł

Italian sequins with purple-pink shade in Cavalli style. 

116,85 zł

Outstanding sequins printed on an elastic mesh

202,95 zł

 Sequins Guipure in 4 colors.

92,25 zł

Black double sided sequins on a mesh on both sided of the selvedge. 

67,65 zł

Double sided sequins on a flexible knitwear - slightly heavy. In 3 colours.

45,51 zł

Sequins on mesh - 12 colours

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